Saturday, July 6


Today after hearing the news about the death of my class-mate with whom i've only shared pleasantries and that too sometimes, causes me to stop for a small moment and mourn over her departure leaving her family to understand her importance and pray for the peace of her soul in hereafter too.
While considering this undigestable fact of the sudden loss again and again, i realized a few things that What is so special to mourn over her death, when you are not even in talking terms? Why to cry over this loss when you never knew her? Nowadays anyone can die out of nowhere, then why to shed tears now? And most importantly, it is explained everywhere in our Religion, that their is no fixed time for a person to die and the death is pre-planned even before birth, then why to mourn on this death?


The only answer which satisfied me a bit is, that by knowing about this death, an un-explicable fear of leaving this world one day surrounds me. Not because i love this fake place of selfish people with few exceptions-so called World, but because looking back at the deeds i've done, its almost impossible to find something that would help me to escort all the pain waiting for me in the Qabar, and being the Prophet(S.A.W)'s Ummati, i'm promised to go in Jannah, but that too after bearing the punishment of that scary unveiled fire and creepy insects. I Can't bear the slight pang of pain then how can i survive there.
This was something that had scared me to my wits and i'm still thinking how would i please MY ALLAH to bestow me with mercy and forgiveness, not only me  but every Muslim out on this bad,fat Earth.

P.S I just scribble it down without noticing any mistake, will edit the post as soon as i can. :)
Remember me in the prayers of forgiveness.