Friday, June 21

Abbu aap jesa koi nahi. -

The person sitting on the rocking chair engrossed in reading the newspaper in his hands,in his end forties with the permanent tension lines on his serene face with the strictness mirroring his personality, didn't seem to notice the eyes of a 16 year old, observing him. Rigid and precise in his decisions, but never grim or ignorant to our needs. This man is none other than my Abbu-ji. 
The world has given the father a wrong definition of strait-laced because he's the most caring person of a person's life.
He work so hard without having a second thought about his own needs, in an attempt to provide us every possible comfort. 
He is more a friend to me. I never thought for second time before approaching him about anything. I argue with him over pity matters and feel a lil above Sikandar-e-Azam when he say 'kisi ka maar khanay ka dil horaha hai' because it clearly mean that matter is totally over with me as a winner. He listens to my nonstop blabbering always, everywhere, without stoping me for once. He never banned anything on us. The only person who not only listen but also reciprocate that long parade salam, i always say.
Whenever i feel down or fight with anyone or have a bad day at school, i mostly consult him. I love when he is in his crazy mood.
 We are the cool budies people are jealous of, but our relation is not like anybody's else.
No matter how much best friend you're with your Dad, that layer of unexplicable fear is there bounding you and him in a decent relationship where you can go on and tell him things easily but not everything.
That respect for him which will make you do anything. You can argue with him but you can't disagree there. His words are final and we have to bow before them. You can open up to him but you know where your limits are. His 'Raub and Dabdaba' are what make him much more special.
A Father is a person who do everything he can, for his child and family but in a way that they are oblivious to common eye. That nobody see the warm love and fierceness protectness behind that cold mask. None ask him about how he feel when some misfortune happen, instead he support everyone hidding his pain behind the assuring eyes and comforting smile of everything is gonna fine.His love is infinite and he always show it through his actions. 

He never banned anything on us nor he even ever ordered us to do anything But he show us things, tell us how to use them and hand it over with all of his trust. He would never regret about trusting us, Trust me. InshaAllah. 

-I pray for Everyone to have their Dad healthy and Sound with them throughout their life casting a shadow of protectness from this savage world. 
P.S: I don't know what is this. :3 i love my Dad more than anything in this world. And May Allah keep him all safe and steady.

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