Tuesday, March 25

A List Of Why-es With No Answer.

Why is it so disgraceful when a girl smokes or get high on weed, but not for guy?
Why is it so shameful when a girl abuses, but not for guy?
Why everyone lose their mind when a girl spend a night out, but no-one gives a damn when a guy does?
Why disrepute girl when she gets into a relationship but rejoice when a guy get into one?
Why put every restriction on girls but let guys have their way?
Why stop girls from going to college but not guys?
Why a girl mustn't talk her opinion but guys must do?
 Why just point out girls and not guys?

         Why not teach our sons how to behave then obstructing our daughters within four walls?

But not always guys are at fault, Girls are too.
taali kabhi aik haath se nahi bajte, remember that.
We are too quick to judge, anyway.
This society, Sigh.
Well, talking about this society.. Another series of 'whys' crossed my mind..
Why are we considered modern when we go on wearing clothes that show our figure clearly?
Why are we considered cool when we abuse?
Why are we considered awfully awesome when we show attitude?
Why covering our hairs give away the feel of discomfort?
Why being rude makes us superior?
Why our elders impose rules and regulations but not make us understand lovingly?
Why we are forced to follow Islamic teachings instead of teaching us properly?
 When we can't make this youth get on right path by following our-selves the right way, we have no right to judge. NO.FREAKING.RIGHT.

I feel nothing but Shame to be a part of THIS society.
Answer my why-es and end my perplexity.

Note: If you read that till end, provide me answers, maybe?
anyway, pardon me, i don't know what i just scribbled, i've a paper tomorrow and i'm only done with 25% of it and it's already 8. Thank you. :~}

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