Wednesday, July 16

Visible Gaza Vs Invisible Gaza.

I don't know from where to start. Muslim World, is at stake.We are somewhere in the middle of Chaos, Anarchy and some real holy mess. One look around the corner and all you see is distress and tension engulfing us from everywhere, nevertheless, It's all because of us.
Out of all the problems, the one of collision course is that of Gaza Under Attack. We all know what's happening there but lemme share a story with you before I proceed to my actual point. 
A story about...
 -a wonderful city that was bombed for no reason.
-a stone that faced the tank.
-a child who didn't grow up.
-a playground that was silenced.
-a book that wasn't read.
-a classroom that wasn't attended
-a burnt doll that wasn't played.
-a picnic that wasn't enjoyed.
-a wedding that wasn't celebrated.
-a farm that's fruits weren't picked.
-an axe who killed the tulip.
-a fire that consumed a plait.
-a missile that destroyed lives
-a wonderful city that was bombarded for no reason.
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Whatever happening there is the extreme level of brutality,the bloodthirstiness of Israelis, but,but I don't understood the reason behind supporting Hitler. DO YOU GUYS EVEN KNOW WHAT HIDEOUS ACTS OF KILLING INNOCENTS HE DID? Okay, they weren't Muslims but they were humans, No? they have got their rights and TADA! All Jews aren't evil. Generalizing acts is the worst thing we're doing here. Like woah, are you outta your mind, I believe I was when I updated that status, but as sanity prevailed I realized how coward I acted. So, where was we? Yeah, Mr.Adolf Hitler, he killed millions and he killed innocents. As a matter of fact, he did exactly what Israelies are doing to Palestine. Zionism is to Jews What Terrorism is to Muslims. 
End of this topic, Okay? Okay.So sorry to break this to you, but changing our profile pictures, headers, sharing that horrifying images and updating statues are not gonna play any role in their well being. Okay, now I'm convinced that they play a part. What we need are Protests and awareness, Education. But.. Wait.. What did I just say protests for them, but then what about us?
Pakistan, at this moment, is in state of extreme crises, do we even know that? Oh, how can we, We're just so busy in blaming government and complaining over 'light nahin aati, Panni Chala gaya hai and blekh.'along with making fun of all the things left. How can we even help them when we aren't doing anything for ourselves.  Our economy is falling, Poverty, Illiteracy, Corruption , Political Instability and what not. But the main concern is the our silence to hundreds of deaths happening everyday. EVER TUNED TO NEWS CHANNEL OR READ NEWSPAPER? 
Where's our concerns and dissents when our own people are assassinated in Quetta, When Children are mascaraed in Waziristan, When Karachitties are slayed,When our airports are attacked, When our girls are raped, When our brothers and fathers and sons are murdered in blasts, When million dies starving, When nobody notices how their neighbors are robbed, When everything in Pakistan is falling apart.
-Why aren't we taking a stand here? Why can't we just stand united for our own sake.
How are we supposed to help the visible Gaza when we can't lift a finger for invisible one.

Do something for your own people first, make them enough to go ahead and help Palestinians. Take a step and PLS, STOP SUPPORTING HITLER. 

P.S I'll really appreciate if you read the full post instead of skipping through lines. Thankyou.  

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  1. good job, of course no skipping i read the whole thing :) i think young people should form groups, not just the nerds but the 'cool' ones too, and participate in activism to incite positive change on every level.