Thursday, December 18

..a story untold..

I woke up earlier than usual today, on Monday, which is quite strange for a person who loathes College and Monday and all the work and especially the exams going on, to pluto and back. There was plenty of time after prayers so I sat back thinking how to put my college on fire for once and all and end this monthly trauma of giving exams and sleep to my full. Deciding I'll never miss this obnoxious college, ever, I revised for my practical praying for it to get delayed. Well, Thank Imran Khan for shutting down Pakistan tomorrow, meh, I'll rest. yep.
...never knew my prayers will be answered this soon though...
Well, my mom served us breakfast which I so love, listening to stupid bickering of my siblings on weather and the nightmare they had the night before, like who got time for this idiotic stuff to discuss, jeez. Dad dropped us to school and I soon found my friends outside the auditorium where we discussed, revised, joked and planned on how to cheat (don't judge, we all do this.) , no I didn't plan any  celebration because I wanted to rest and that's what I was going to do. So, the practical started at 9 o'clock and to my utter surprise, I knew all the answers. Hah, very well done,lad.  finding it pretty easy I attempted and reread the answers within 90 minutes, satisfied with my exam I glanced at wrist watch which showed 10:25 , more than an hour to go. Sigh. I added ''the end'' on the last page, when I heard something like firing and... a blast? well, imagining it as my obsession with action movies and everything I shrugged it off, but soon.. there was chaos when these bullets were fired at us.. us.. the students, who didn't have a clue about what's happening.. I must thank all those action movies I watched, which my mom always called wastage of time and brain, helped me to act as fast as I can and I pretended I got hit as well and lied down.. as dead. While all my friends, with whom I grew up to be, my partners in crime, with bloodcurdling screams contributing in the pool of blood we were lying in. and in that moment, my facade of acting dead faded as I felt a friend of mine motionless falling on me.. and another realization dawned on me that I, certainly, donot hate my college nor I want to set it on fire and I felt the left side of my chest ache, and that ached badly.
they checked on me by shooting my leg to make I'm dead and I remembered that annoying brat of my brother, who is overly sensitive, must be in distress somewhere, that trouble maker. I crawled in red liquid and hiding behind those fallen bodies on the ground I ,once, or till morning, used to hop and jump and make noise and when I thought I failed in protecting my younger brother, I saw him there, in deep slumber on floor, like it's his favorite comfy recliner, Ain't he crazy. With determination of rescuing my brother and remembering I'm soon to be the protector of this dear land, I tried to stood up, and woah, nobody noticed me as well. I shook and shook him but I couldn't hear him snoring, that's what he love to do in sleep. Suddenly, I felt something cold against my neck and in next few minutes I was drowning in deep peace. Didn't I get what I always wanted, sleep and college on fire. Heyy! Hey, look where have we reached, me and my brother and all our friends.. WOAHH.. IT'S TOO BEAUTIFUL TO BE it heave....
Well... that's how the crisp white uniforms turned into scarlet red. 

P.S The story is based on a theme, I read other day. I tried to portray it in a bit different way..

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