Saturday, June 15


RESULT!! The word itself is so scary, And you know how much if you're a student. As soon as the exams end, our relatives doesn't allow us to breath a single moment of relief by starting the questions like,

'Papers kese hoe?' 
''Result kab hai?'
Kitne number ajaen ge?'
'Competition to sakht hai na?'
and goes on.
And you know the result is never when you can't sleep well on night, and if you do, the only dreams that invade your mind are of the marks and anticipations i have. and in day time you are so anxious and tensed that all your talks end on exams, if not related to. 
My result of S.S.C part 2 is not so far. As heard, it is expected in the next week. Oh.Em.Gee! Within SEVEN DAYS! And the people around me are more curious. 
Every one from my cousins to aunties to neighbours to everyone again, knows that my result is coming. Uff! And they all are like, Matric ka result hai, hmm.! .  I have been to D.I.Khan for almost 2 weeks to spend my vacation and wherever i went, the conversation started with my result and ended it on, too.
I've been on anxious mode nowadays, because of the Urdu exam mainly and to be honest, i don't remember any other exam. 
FBISE yaar, please be a lil bit sympathetic to us and at-least give the date of the result. 
Jittery Students. -.-
P.S : I don't know what i wrote, just scribble it down in stress. .-.
P.S.S: Sorry, for wastage of your time. 

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  1. ooooooo , me b yhi soch rai t :'( maliha ki allaw line p me sochti rai k "result jaldi i yan i e na"