Tuesday, May 28

Summer Season.

I'm never obsessed with any season that i wish for other seasons to go away but i enjoy every season with its specialty. Summer season has its own specialty and i like it for that but To be honest i don't really like summer season while my elder Sister loves Summer.

I was thinking about the bad factors of this season and found few. :D

1- Garmi. 
i don't know about you, but i'm sweating all the summer because of the heat emitting from glorifying Sun.  and it is the main factor about summer. We can't even play outside because of the heat and i feel suffocation with a lot of people within room( which i usually love to be with all of them together).

Another disadvantage of Summer season is that i feel thirsty, very thirsty. While on tour to D.I.Khan i drink full bare wala glass of water after every half an hour and i don't feel like eating anything because of scorching Sun up there in sky.

The main thing i hate about summers here in Pakistan is load-shedding. Gosh! First its hell tiring burning day and top of all our dear Government deprives us of all the way we can get comfort except for hand-made fans and.. and what! you all know about the load-shedding better than me. 

How can i forget the mosquitoes here. Means that they are special Soghat of summer season who make our life miserable and when electricity passes away they got the perfect time to attack and we being victim can't do anything much except cursing them.

Okay, so here is disadvantages but there are 4 things i LOVE the most about summers. :D
they are,

1- Aam.
Mangoes! yeah. Who hate them? definitely not me. I love to eat them all summers and they are ripped full of juice and i just simply Love them. 

2- Pahari elaqon me ghomna.
We can't go to numbing cold places in winters or springs but summer because the temperature there is increased by bit. The scenery there captures our heart and i always wish to go there again.

3- Chutiyan.
Another thing i love about summers is that we are free from school but our teachers loaded us with the homework of about 6-7 years but still we have time to relax in roasting weather.

4- Thande or Khate khanne.
I'm not sweet or chillies freak but  frosty foods like ice-cream and  lil bit spicy food like goll gappe and we easily have them in summers. ;)

This is my opinion about summers. :D