Tuesday, May 7

Believe in Allah

We always think that the matters of our life though it be serious or not is in our hands. By planning with strategy we can do anything because we believe that nothing is impossible as long as we are determined. 
But i m not fully into this proverb. No i m not proving it wrong nor making my point right but i m adding the most important thing of the determination..

The faith in Almighty
We mostly ought to forget that not a single leaf can rustle without the permission of Allah. We can't do anythings in any matter of our life starting from first breath to our life career. Sometimes we do think that we have an awesome plan and timing and nothing can go wrong but to our dismay, nothing goes right. Why? because HE has some other plans and Sometimes we have lost all our hopes and submitted herself to the circumstances after being tired of protesting and think that hum hein hi itne bure but again to our utter shock, thing again goes wrong but this in our favour in the form of Miracles! 

Nothing is indeed impossible as long as we think and believe that there is NO ONE, GREATER THAN ALMIGHTY. while reading this, you were thinking that ofcourse, there is no one, but does our action speak our hearts? We again make plans and leave the prayers to corner for grabbing them when needed but one need to remember that  the prayers can change your unchangable fate.  All we have to do is to seek his help in each and every breath of our life, Nothing else and then indeed nothing is impossible!! 

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