Tuesday, May 7

My Last Day at School

''Though miles lie between us, we are never apart because friendship is measured with heart  not the distances. Stay blessed. Stay loved forever. Keep in touch!''
Kay. The Last Day at School? As far as i have ever heard about the last day at school or college it is filled with the emotional tales of crying,holding onto friends, even getting hugs from teachers too and end the day on tearful notice.! 

Isn't it what, you have heard? NO!? Well, I did! 

But today is MY Last Day in the Blue and White uniform,
The Last Day at that canteen where i gulped the food in break,
the last day to travel in that yellow painted bus, which look like a taxi, now,
the last day to go inside the classes where i once learnt to read and write,
the last day in ground where i used to play,
the last day to have a visit to THE library i never kept quite in,
the last day to see the apparatuses i used in laboratory,
the last day to meet the teachers who has taught me,
the last day to hear the sound of most annoying bell,
the last day to view the hall where we attended ceremonies and given exams,
Ah! The Last Day at I.M.C.G F-8/1

But my last day was not all about what i mentioned above. Heck! it was not a least bit like that. The Whole day was another awesomest day of my life with the awesomest people ever. yeah! my friends.
The whole day passed with giving autographs on diaries and Shirts with the whatever rubbish that our mind come up with at that moment. 
We were on and off to staff room for atleast hundred of times today, like never before. The teachers had blessed us with the wishes of a happy life and successful future ahead, but from where do we look like to be satisfied by this, we wanted autographs and  we had them, by pleading them, almost. 

3 of my friends didn't make an appearance today  and we were angry on them. yeah! why wouldn't? that WAS our last day and we are not going to come here, again.We tried to convince them but they are bullheaded like me! :P

Our day was nothing like weeping our hearts out, but laughing out loud with craziest, stupidest, and idiots i love to call my friends.
We have our very different explanation of Last Day and it is all because of the friendship we share! :')
The people there were saying that we will miss you but we were like ab kis k ghar ghussna hai yaar! ;)

In end, i love to declare myself as the most idiotic person of the century because i asked them to give me autograph when there was only 15 minutes left for chuti

This is for the love of my life, yes my friends! 
Literally you are LOVE, because i know you are reading this! :')


  1. oho ... same to u, freinds are imp :p and im one of the 3 dungers who didint made it :*( ... sorry agAin and ur blog is aweeeeessoommee :P

    1. yess! we were so angry at you 3! aur shukriya! :P

  2. You know you are not the most idiotic person... I took autographs in the last 10 minutes... :p