Monday, May 27

The Cake I Baked.

Yess! I baked. and that too for second time. well, the first time, the half was not even baked and other half was burnt. and it was yummy both in looks and taste that i couldn't believe it was made by me.
The passion for cooking or baking ignited at times for me and i ended up making something enough to eat. The idea of making the cake came to me when i was having the delicious pizza at my younger mamo's place and you know what my Mami is the best cook.
Chatting away we ended on the topic of cake and she offered me to bake there the next day, i don't know she was serious or not but i was. and i postponed all my plans of going market and making chart and made the cake.
I did everything, even taken out all the ingredients and mixed them and made batter and then putted it in oven, all by myself but under the instructions of My Mami.
I hadn't even let her made the fudge as the credit would go to her.
This is what i made. xD
and i served everyone with ice-creams and didn't even move my foot until get a compliment.
and my cousin, who is cake-addict had eaten 3 pieces at time and then i was satisfied. :P
and this was MY  plate. :D


  1. i cnt beleive it .... liar :( u have taking this pic from ineternet

    1. Dhond k dikhao mje internet pe.
      aur mene KHUD banaya hai. Apne hathon se.

    2. aur me jhoot kyn bolon ge wo b cake k leye. O.o