Thursday, May 2


Nowadays Load-shedding is one of the trending problems which has made our lives simply hell.
 Because these are the times when light went off for God knows how many hours and we can't do anything else except cursing WAPDA and our leaders. Its been 2-3 years to its start and we are still patiently suffering well correction, not patiently. 
We can have light through-out Pakistan without this load-shedding if our rulers consider this matter. But how can they? There manisons are lighted up each and every second without a break. The Shareef brother itself has stated that "Agle do saalon me mein Bijli KHATAM kar don ga" 
It is successful in making us restless all of the time and we can say a little bit active too as press your clothes before 6 or do wash the dresses till 9 in morning or surfer through internet or use computer early than 3.
It has indeed taken a toll on our nerves and may be they want us to become great persons as the Einsten and many others had studied in street light or moon light. because this is the only reason that make sense.
I have been trying to post something here from morning but the Drama is on and in end i decided to quit and turn off  my laptop! 
Well, Wish me Luck as i m on my way to kill myself or the Wapda! :/ :p


  1. oho ... i know livin in pakistan n facing wapda , but as the qoute says u dont know the worth of something or someone untill its lost

  2. Oh my god, I love the gif :D But I know the feeling. You know what the sad thing is? All this load-shedding crap really isn't needed. I mean we have everything in the country (Everything except for good leaders. Then why? Just because of lack of organizing and management. The day this nation becomes managed and organized, hamara kuch ban jaye ga :D