Friday, May 10

Reasons of Our Suffering

PAKISTAN-The country which is known all over the world as the centre of Terrorism, a state of savage fierceness.A place of murderous and blood-shed people.
But in reality Pakistan has another face altogether. A face which has only Poverty and Indigence  Area where people are facing hardships,living in a place of destitution. Not a single soul getting their equal rights. 
      Behind this plight of our beloved Pakistan,who is the reason? the cause is US, the so-called-citizens of this very state. We thought and blame each and every encounter happening here is because of Government, our 'leaders' but, we are forgetting one thing that the leaders who are creating a great obstruction in the way of prosperity are our own choice, though we made it blindly. But they are representing us, portraying the Pakistan and its morals to the whole world.We have to remember, we merely can't be out of trouble by only blaming our rulers.
We have to change ourselves, because someone said a beautiful quote, It is easy to wear Slippers than to carpet the World. We have to go through among the happenings in our surrounding. Have we ever wondered that Are we the true citizens? Are we following the path of our religion along with the demands of the country? If we ponder on these questions our answer would be an Absolute NO, because we have forgotten what our forefathers told us, and are deviant from the path on which we ought to be.
    What does our people nowadays care about? Is it about their faithfulness and loyalty? No, they care about their bank balance.The clothes they own, is among the trend? ,hair-styles like ramp models. Concerts of singers and Shopping Malls have no place left whereas the Madrassas has more than vacant space. The head coverings are sign of poverty whereas the Superiority is now to own an expensive and show-off cell phone.
     This is today's  Pakistan. the reality is tough and bitter but we have to reconsider our morals and virtues and have to bring excellence in ourselves, otherwise we'll spend our life suffering.
   In end, Ask what you can do for your country, not what your country can do for you.


  1. And another amazing piece :) Hats off.
    Agreed with every single thing you said!