Wednesday, May 15

Why am i on Blog?

I didn't have anything to write down so i decided to tell you about, WHY I JOINED BLOG.


I do writing stuff from quite sometimes, and I just didn't get relaxed till i know that every person out there read it.

After scribbling every writing, i was begging everyone around me to read it like,

And their reaction to me was,

don't start again. We know you have written good but we have things to do.

Then, Rafoo, my sweet sister who was also tired of my pestering advised me to make a blog and write down all my crap there and don't eat her head too,

and at that i nodded a huge yes like this,

then with great difficulty i at-last made a blog and asked no, almost ordered them to read it daily.

then the said they like it.

and i was like,

my purpose of making a blog is fruitful! ;)

Note: I wanted to make it nice but! Another crap out of nowhere.