Wednesday, May 15

In the memory of 'Picky Picky'

Where to start? Yeah Today Afternoon i received a text from Aiman, a very close friend of mine stating
 ''Logon PICKY PICKY is dead :'( :'( :'(' 
i received this message after having a good chat with her, out of blue.
It worried me a lot and then before confirming who the hell on the face of earth is picky picky? i forwarded this msg to my cousins( close one) thinking picky picky must be a some
politician or something like that and i was even going to switch on the news channel to know about the death of the PERSON.
When i texted Aiman 
''Who is Picky picky yaar? :o"
There comes the most shocking reply of the Century where i don't know how to react
and my eyes joined the shape of my lips which were as wide as Saucer because the reply was
"Ramona and Beezus ki CAT yaar" 
with a crying face, of-course.
Because She is way too kind. 
and then 
i was rolling on floor clutching my stomach with a vibrating body erupting annoying sounds of laughter.
Why not?
because i thought a person is dead instead of cat. -.-
Honestly speaking, i cried loudly when i watched this movie in 2011.
And i m laughing again because 'meri bezti' hogai phrse. 
Now, Check out the brain of we two,
ofcourse Aiman and Mine
She send a text msg to everyone weeping. and me, without clarifying forwarded.
In the end, i m as 'bewaquf as She is' :D

Hence, i decided to pray for dear Picky Picky and ask you to join in for her fatiha.
Thanks! ;)

Note:  You may not find this funny but keep yourself in my place and you'd laughing like a retard! :D
and secondly and foremost thing that i have nothing more to fill my blog with! ;)


  1. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HARD I LAUGHED! :D My naive Ayta! :D LOLOLOLOLOLOL. I laughed waayy more than I should xD What did your cousins say? :D
    Btw, I knew who Picky Picky was xD

    1. Well, i know about her too but i forget! :/
      My cousins were like Kon? Kya? Kab? Kon Mar gaya?
      and i don't know about their reaction, :p

  2. lolzzzzzzzzzzz .... laughin out loud zebras zebraz zebras :P ..... in gona tell aymennn

    1. usae pehle se hi pata hai.. :D but apni aala id ki waja se comment nai karte. xD