Friday, May 17


Not a fond creature, right?! How can they be? They suck our blood. Yeah. Literally they do.
The rivalry between Humans and Mosquitoes is not something new, but i find them adorable.
Like they had audicity to bring a healthy man thinking himself capable of doing anything to curse them with all their might. And wherever they go, people mostly welcome them by clapping around them. And they remain in gossips of every person though rich, poor, scholar, or a common man.

This was my opinion till last night about so called adorables. But yesterday night everything changed. They are now in the list of top rated personalities to suspended to death. 
Because, sometimes i want to sleep alone in darkness with no one there in room and yesterday was among them, so i was alone in the room sleeping without spraying the anti-insectides or even switching on the fan. I thought it was cosy but sometime after mid-night it seems like torturing down to death because of the itching i felt at moment from my whole body in half-consciousness and next thing which i seemed to recognize is that i, myself  is slapping me on face, arms,hands, and body while my legs were like trying to free themselves from grip of ropes as hard as steel
If you'd seen me at that moment you'd probably thought that i was doing kung-fu with my bed! 

And then i got up, carry the first spray bottle that my hands can get on and spray it all over the room but when it causes no change i switched on the lights to see what the problem is, and know what it was? Oven-cleanser. Yeah! I sprayed oven-cleanser all over my room in mid-night, if i'd be fully awake then may be i brought a cloth and clean the tables, and windows with it. And then i don't even bother to spray the anti-insecticidpal and just switched on the fan and fell onto bed thinking what might have i dine to have this night in my life.


  1. Hahahahah! I've always despised mosquitoes. And due to some insane reason, they tend to get to me, and bite me way more than anyone else. Personal rivalry!! -.-

    1. oh.o! :P me too but i always think they are unique. :D :P
      khoon metha hoga! :D :P

  2. mosquitoes will someday take over this world ... :P its just the begging of their reign :/