Monday, May 13

Mothers' Day?

Yesterday was 2nd Sunday of May means the Worldwide celebrated Mother's Day. People all around the World wishes their Mom and celebrate it according to their mom way. 
According to me, Everyday is Mother's Day.
These type of days like Mother's, Father's, Daughter's etc are for the Western people who has no time free for their families to cherish the sweet moments of daily life with their Mom or Dad or Children. They don't even know about their family members completely let forget the time to be spent together.
While, here in the East we people start our day with the annoying voice of our sweet mom waking us up, then preparing our breakfast and pressing our clothes for the day ahead.
After returning from work she is the only one who is desperately waiting for us with the healthy food, which we don't like. Taking out our clothes to change and prepares the bed to rest. 
She is the one who daily helps us with our school lessons and listen to our unstoppable chatter.
Giving us the company while there is no one  she helps us in everything out.

This is only the things she do for me on one day only. There is the whole family left with whom she has to do more or less than mentioned above.  My mom is someone who prepare Tasty food for me. Take me out on field trips. Teach me everything i should know to survive in this world.
They had only reserved a single day to pay tribute to my Mom who is completely oblivious from her life  fulfilling our needs and requirments!!?! 
Because i can't be that selfish,  I owe my whole life to my Mom  and you talk about surprising and giving gifts to her on only one day. 
Here i told you about my opinion about mothers day but i didn't explain what is Mom because
The combination of any words from just 26 Alphabets can never ever define my Mom, so how can i be good to her for only one day? 

P.S: I don't know what i wrote.


  1. i agree ... :) it is touching and true ;D on ki bday b tou hoti e gift k lye ... lolzz lolzz just kiddin ...

    1. haan, bs i'll gift her only then! :D mothers day to shughal lagane k leye hota hai. :P