Friday, May 3


A  Birthday is the day which is whole heartidly welcome by everyone around the corner. Each person look forward to celebrate the special day in its own way.. Most of the people prefers to enjoy this day by throwing large parties with hundreds of guest giving wishes with a fake smile adorning their faces, while the remaining maintain the celebrations to themselves by enjoying with family and cutting a cake.

Whatever way we ought to choose, we look forward for gifts and surprises and now, a birthday's significan just ends where the surprises finish!

But this is not what actually Birthday means, it is a day to rejoice the day you or your family member or a friend join this World. To thank heavens for sending you or them to the place where you all belong, from over the world.

A birthday is fun and satisfied when you receive little but sincere wishes from family and calls from friends whereas texts from both.. and it can go a little more with cake cutting.

And this is all what needed to have a blessed day!
P.S The blabber session is still ON.
P.S.S Happy Birthday to Me! xD 

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