Tuesday, May 14


After getting free from the insomnia called exams idk about others' but me that my mind stop working and become blank as printer paper and obviously i stopped coming up with any kind of ideas, be it art, craft, writing , sketching or even murdering( i'm dangerous). 

Hence i thought of writing a dedication to my friends. (feeling special?) and i have already started it in my mind(joke) Well, to be very precise i'll first write one about my academy friends, they are special because they got to be so well with me in span of two years that i can't think of stop talking to them. 

and then it will all about my school friends and it is going to be a long long one because i m gonna scribble about my 10 years. :p

Need help: means where should i write down this 'dedication'. i.e. on paper, blog, edited photos or any other idea is welcomed.

Waise,  there ought to be a dedication for each and every person who cope with a weird yet crazy bundle known as Ayesha :D


  1. Hahaha! Nice idea, mate! :D You can do it on Facebook. Since not many of your friends are here, yet :p

    1. Yes! but i made sure that they read my blog daily by hook or crook! xD zabardasti type! :P

  2. You say that as if it's a bad thing :D If I didn't like your writing, I would've stopped reading. But I haven't :D So, that means that I love itt!!!

    1. shukriya shukriya!!:')
      good! agar chora na to me tmhe nai choron ge! x'D :P
      and phr shukriyya! :)